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Shin Kicker Telecaster™ Set
Shin Kicker Telecaster™ Set

Shin Kicker Telecaster™ Set

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The Shin Kickers are a great choice for those looking for less twang in a Tele pickup. The bridge pickup gets its beef by being handwound  with over 10,000 winds 43 gauge wire. It has tone reminiscent of the earliest blackguard guitars. Great for hard rock or blues. Neck tapped for 6-32 screws. Pickguard mount and body mount screws included. We recommend no cover with the neck pickup. *See announcements  at the top of the page for lead times.

  • USA Made Black vulcanized Flatwork
  • USA Made 42 enameled wire
  • Cast alnico 3 magnets 
  • USA made nickel silver cover 
  • USA made cloth leads
  • steel baseplate
  • Wax Potted
  • Handwound & handmade in Nebraska 

*Neck 8.3k Counterclockwise  North Up

*Bridge 10.1K Clockwise South Up