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Wow! Just…. WOW! These are hands down, some of the best tele pickups I’ve ever played! I threw them into a Barncaster I built with reclaimed pine and a gorgeous Wenge neck wired to a 4-way switch with a treble bleed circuit and what I got was the ULTIMATE studio guitar! I’ve never had such a dynamic and versatile guitar and these pickups sound absolutely incredible! The balance between the Alnico 2 & Alnico 5 magnets is astounding. This guitar rings like a piano and the pickups just add the extra oomph that this build needed! I highly recommend this company and I cannot wait to order some more pickups from Tone Hatch!


I design and assemble my own “Partscasters”…been doing so for many years. In that time, I’ve purchased many ‘boutique-style’ pickups. Some have been expensive, a few have been very expensive. I’d exchange every single set with some of your Tone Hatch Pickups. Excellent product, phenomenal price. Thank you for doing what you do!


A Great Set of Strat Pickups * Been Playing Blues Rock&Roll for 59 yrs. . I Own 4 Killer Home Made Strats and a 3 Pickup Tele - All with Various Pickups . . These Are Articulate, Well Balanced Pickups . . Reasonably Quiet for Non - Noiseless Pickups. . . The 2 & 4 Positions Are As Good As ANY Set You'll Find AT ANY PRICE. . . If You're "On The Fence" Because of the Price - Don't Be . . They Are Superb . . Also - EXCELLENT Customer Service and Fast Communication. . . A+++


I cant even put in words how good these are. I'm almost in tears. incredible, I'm blown away.

ebay review

I love these pickups. They capture all the magic of my beloved vintage Strats, and I feel the same sense of wonder that I felt the first time I ever played a real Strat as a kid.


 Completely changed my strat. I WILL be buying from them again.

Douglas B.

Some of the best pickups I’ve ever owned or heard.

Brady K.

Worth the wait! Worth every penny! 

Al S.

This has brought my strat to life. AMAZING sound, amazing quality and the price can't be beat. Grab some while you can!

-ebay Customer


Thank you so much for making these outstanding pickups for my project telecaster.
I am overwhelmed by how great they sound. Wow, I installed them yesterday
and they brought my tele to life. I have a lot of telecasters and this one will now
be a favorite to play thanks to your efforts.

Country Glenn

Loved the jazzmaster set so much, had to purchase a strat set. Extremely happy with them! Great product for a great price! Quality craftsmanship! Great seller! Thanks again!

ebay Customer

Tone Hatch "Rude Blues" are the finest pick ups I've ever purchased. I've had Texas Specials in two different guitars, and they always sound scratchy and ear-piercing on the highs, though they are certainly loud enough. The Tone Hatch pups' highs are glassier and do not set my teeth on edge, and their bass and mid-range sound is rich and full even when heavily overdriven. The quality of construction, everything, is amazing. Don't tell them that they are way too cheap

David H.

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