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Hippie Stews (69')

Hippie Stews (69')

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The Hippie Stew is inspired by the tone of the late 60s. Using only the best materials, Hippie Stews feature smaller diameter alnico 5 magnets, plain enamel wire, grey bottom flatwork, and cloth pushback leads. We can do this set in vintage stagger, flat poles, or reverse Stagger. A 5% overwound bridge pickup is available by request. Just send us a message.

***Please see current build times at the top of the page. 

  • USA Made grey vulcanized Flatwork
  • USA Made 42 Guage plain enamel wire
  • Cast alnico 5  magnets 
  • USA made cloth leads
  • Wax Potted
  • Handwound & handmade in Nebraska 


Neck 5.8k (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)CW South Up

Middle 5.9K (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)CCW North Up

Bridge  6.2K (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)CW South Up