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2|5 Union T Telecaster™ Set

2|5 Union T Telecaster™ Set

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Our Best Selling Tele® Set!

The 5|2 Union T is crafted with a blend of Alnico magnets, using Alnico 5 on the bass side and Alnico 2 on the treble side. This configuration provides a tight low end and softer highs. It features plain enamel wire, fiber bobbins, and cloth lead wires. The neck pickup includes an American-made nickel silver cover for enhanced transparency. It is reverse-wound/reverse-polarity (RWRP) for hum cancellation in the middle position, and the neck is tapped for 6-32 screws. Additionally, wood mounting screws are include ***Raw covers will have light scratches and blemishes. This is due to them not going through the polishing/plating process 

  • USA Made Black vulcanized Flatwork
  • USA Made 42 plain enamel wire
  • Cast alnico 2&5 magnets
  • USA made nickel silver cover
  • USA made cloth leads
  • Steel baseplate
  • Wax Potted Handwound & Handmade in Nebraska 

Neck CCW North 7.3k (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)

Bridge CW South 7.2k  (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)

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