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2|5 Union T Telecaster™ Set

2|5 Union T Telecaster™ Set

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The 5|2 Union T is made with a combination alnico. It combines alnico 5 on the bass side and alnico 2 on the treble side. This gives it a tight low end and softer highs. It features plain enamel wire, forbon bobbins, and cloth lead wires. The neck pickup features an American made nickel silver cover for greater transparency. It is  RWRP for hum cancelation in the middle position and the neck is tapped for 6-32 screws. Wood mounting screws are also included.

***Raw covers will have light scratches and blemishes. This is due to them not going through the polishing/plating process. 

Neck CCW North 7.3k (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)

Bridge CW South 7.2k  (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)

**Please see current build times at the top of the page.