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Stage Surfers

Stage Surfers

Tone Hatch Pickups
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Our Stage Surfers are the perfect choice for your classic 60s Jag tones.  The neck pickup featuring A5 magnets is bright, clean and articulate. The bridge pickup with its A2 magnets is wound for a slightly smoother top end , but still retains that classic lead pickup tone. Pickups are RWRP for hum-canceling in the middle position. We wax pot these with the cover on to help reduce microphonic feedback .

  • A5 Neck Pickup Magnets
  • A2 Bridge  Pickup Magnets
  • Plain Enamel Wire
  • Grey Fiber Bobbins
  • Chrome Steel Claw

Approx. 6.3k Neck-6.7k Bridge (+/- 5% @ 68 degrees)


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